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Eldar / Tau vs Blood Angels / Imperial Guard 1850pts Batrep

Battle Report.

So Time for me to face an nasty army compromised of an Blood Angel force with an Land Raider and an Death Company inside ready to tear me into pieces and if that wasn't inuff he brought the tanky Imperial Guard with a tank squad of 2 Leman Russ Battle tanks to Ordnance blast me to a very short existence.
Would the Eldar and Tau force prevail or succumb is the question i will answer in short.
Wraithknight Proxied with flying base

Eldar / Tau force:
Farseer with Spirit Stone of Anath'lan
5 Dire Avengers inside Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser
5 Dire Avengers inside Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser
5 Dire Avengers inside Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser
3 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery(Nid ripper bases helping out)
3 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery
Wraithknight(Flying base as he has still not arrived in my mail)
Commander, Puretide engram neurochip, Fusion Blaster, Fusion Blaster, Early warning override and Target Lock
6 Fire Warriors
6 Pathfinders
Riptide, Ion Accelerator and Early warning override
3 broadsides with High yield missile pods and Early warning override(proxied Railsides stood in to show how HYMP worked)
Didn't know what to expect..
Blood Angels / Imperial Guard force:
Reclusiarch with jump pack
10 tacticals into combat squad lascannon +4 vanilla marines / Flamer + sergeant + 3 vanilla marines
9 Death company with jump pack, 1 power sword, 2 power fist and melta gun aka Death Company style.
5 Scouts with 1 missile launcher + 4 snipers
2 Dreadnoughts with multi-meltas and close combat weapon inside drop pods
Predator with lascannon sponsons
Land Raider with multi-melta and lascannon sponsons
5 command squad
20 Guardsmen
Vehicle squadron with 2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
From first view i see a good challenge that will surely test my ability to command my troops into either winning or losing... Only time will tell..
To start off we placed D3 large terrain pieces into each quarter and placed 3 objektives and when deployment corner was picked we rolled for Vanguard strike deployment and before starting we added 1 medium sized terrain piece each.

Table to fight on i got southeast corner and opponent opposite.
Warlord traits were:
Blood Angels rolled for personal tree and got nr 2 Furious charge in enemy deployment zone.
Eldar Iyanden got nr 2 also which is the FNP 6+ for warlord and friendlies wi thin 12".
Blood Angels failed all Red shirt rolls for 2 tactical groups, scouts and the 2 Dreadnoughts.

Psychics for Farseers was:
*2x divination primaris 12" twinlink unit
*2x Runes of Fate primaris 24" twinlink unit
*Runes of Fate Doom reroll to wound rolls on selected unit 24"
*Divination Perfect Timing which gives that Farseers unit the special rule "ignore cower"
Agressive deplyment not giving away rear armor to any deepstriker on Serpents.

Eldar / Tau got to start once again and deployed aggressive.
Blood Angels / Imperial Guard did there best with the space they had for deployment i didn't give them much to use as i got him cornered with bad gun lines and litte good cower.
No night fight on first turn and opponent failed to seize initiative.
Nova charges on Riptide was decent with fails on turn 1 & 6 success on 2-5 so good milage on him.
Psychics had great succes with only failing 1 with double 6 and 1 with double 1 saved by ghost helm. Mostly boosting the 2 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery, Riptide and Pathfinders.
Find the weak spot in this deployment.. read on and you'll see..

I start the game by finding weak spots in opponents deployment as with the case of the Predator having it's side armor avalible for my 3 wave serpents and it get's easy one shoot and taking the marine sergeant with him in the blast. after that i just try to handle those Leman Russes that are otherwise will blast me away, but failing to remove one i lend my hope that i will survive he's turn 1 shooting.
Blood Angels Turn 1 Casualties:
1/5 Marines "Sergeant"
2/3 HP Leman Russ
*Drop pod and Dreadnought* Opponent movement phase due to Early Warning Override.
Scout move from Pathfinders putting them on good cover and the rest advance.

Bad idée to forget about "Early Warning Override"..
He dropped down and forgot about my "Early Warning Override" even though i told him about it several times and got he's drop pod and dreadnought easily blasted into tiny bits and did'nt manage to do much damage to my favor of course.
Eldar Turn 1 Casualties:
1/3 HP Wave Serpent
1/6 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery crew

Only 1 Russ remain!
Wraithknight changed course..

I continue to hammer away on those pesky Leman Russes and get one away and some lucky shooting from my artillery takes away he's missile launcher.
Blood Angels Turn 2 Casualties:
2/5 Scouts "Missile Launcher"
Leman Russ + 1/3 HP on the other Leman Russ
1/5 Marine from Lascannon team
*Dreadnought*  Opponent movement phase due to Early Warning Override.
Do not repeat same mistake and give riptide a kill shoot!! Bad Dreadnought..

This time he get's lucky and manage to remove one serpent and 2 of it's crew but they stay and fight even though taking those casualties and wraithknight getting crowded with hits and letting him score 2 wounds.
Eldar Turn 2 Casualties:
Wave Serpent
2 Dire Avengers
2 wounds Wraithknight
Land Raider getting reay to unload and hope for best..

I remove the last Leman Russ not even needing to assualt it with Wraithknight and from there i only see a threat from the Land Raider with it's jump troops inside so i turn to mop up the scouts so i don't need to worry about them going after Wrathknight. Then i just turn and get ready to be assaulted.
Blood Angels Turn 3 Casualties:
3/3 Scouts
1/4 Marines from Lascannon team
Leman Russ

The Death Company charges out and wrecks one Serpent while Land Raider strips the last Hull Points from the other Serpent and they have all been wrecked by now. One lucky shoot on Riptide scores a wound.
Eldar Turn 3 Casualties:
2x Wave Serpents
1 wound Riptide

Now when the Russ has crashed and burned it's time for Raider to do the same.. easy one shoot it with Riptide and it goes up in flames, while the other part of army just turn and mop up the Death Company.. big *One hit Wonder* they were.. and now it's just some poor soldiers left with little hope left to survive the onslaught.
Wraithknight is hungry for some action and jumps up on the roof to get a better view.
Blood Angels Turn 4 Casualties:
Land Raider
9/9 Death Company
3/5 Command Squad
2/20 Guardsmen

He did what he could to hurt me..
Eldar Turn 4 Casualties:
1/5 Dire Avengers
1/5 Dire Avengers

Mop up crew coming in to clear this board but i failed... to kill them all this turn but dice goods gave me one more turn and it was all that i needed...
Blood Angels Turn 5 Casualties:
1/3 Marines Lascannon team
drop pod
3/4 Marines "Flamer"
11/18 Guardsmen
2/2 Command squad
Just had to kill that pod.. an insult to be still standing..
and after that it was a mop up with the last:
1/1 Marine
2/2 Marine Lascannon team
7/7 Guardsmen
Turn 5 i had only 2 objectives but Turn 6 i got the last inch in to get them all.
Finish Turn 6 with all objectives!!

At the End i was happy with the outcome and learned alot about this new army to me which i never played before but from my view he made it easy putting up only 1 big threat at the time for me to handle as if he would have bursted out with the Death Company earlier he would have gotten my serpents down faster and while i would focus to handle the Battle Tanks he could have hurt me bad.. my first thought was barrage the Battle tanks but when that failed i diverted the Wraithknight that had his course set on the Land Raider to handle the Battle Tanks as they needed to die faster with those large ordnance blasts. So in that i think he gave me the win other then handing me that Predators side armor with 3 Serpents it just wasn't he's day to survive.

Anything i wasn't sure about if i really needed it would be those Broadsides as they were placed wrong and one good large blast would kill them so a little to fragile to me and they will probably stay at home next time. Another thing i missed was having those Fire Dragons in one Serpent as the crew of the Serpents where no big threat so he could ignore them and that felt a bit bad i would want something more to be a threat there so he need to pay attention to that part of army even for AV14 vehicles. so will be looking into that for next game as well.

This list also tested to have double Farseer and with that i had units that they could boost and they did what i wanted in securing victory by making me hit with more weapons so that was very nice.
Also got to put that "Early Warning Override" to use and it was scary effective Commander keeping area clear and Riptide with Line of Sight.. noone goes safe from that gun...

So looking forward with advancing this list to handle more threats and more armies, I wonder who will be next..

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