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Eldar vs Tau 1850pts BatRep

Battle report between Eldar facing the mighty Tau, clash of Titans where both forces bring the heat in massive firepower where First turn will decide the outcome of the entire BATTLE!!
Who will be victorius this day read on to find out..
First lets find out what forces that are going to go against one another...
Farseer, Jetbike, The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan
2 Warlock Council, 1 singing spear
5 Rangers
10 Guardian Defenders, Scatter Laser
5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser
5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser
5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser(proxed dark reapers)
5 Fire Dragons, Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser
3 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery
Wraithknight, Suncannon ´n Scattershield, Scatter Laser(Warlord)(Proxed riptide)
Wraithknight, Suncannon ´n Scattershield, Scatter Laser(proxed flying base)

Commander,Iridium suit, Neuroweb system jammer, Stimulant injector, cyclonic ion blaster, plasma rifle
Commander, Command and control node, Puretide engram neurochip, multi spectrum sensor suit, Drone Controller, Stimulant Injector, 2x Flamers
9 Fire Warriors
9 Fire Warriors
9 Fire Warriors
9 Fire Warriors
3 Crisis Suit, 3x Missile Pod + Missile Pod + Flamer
3 Crisis Suit, 3x Plasma Rifle + Burst Cannon, Simulant injector
6 Stealth Team, 2 fusion blaster + Target Lock, 4 Stimulant Injector
6 Pathfinders(proxed fire warriors)
6 Pathfinders(proxed fire warriors)
6 Pathfinders(proxed fire warriors)
Hammerhead Gunship, smart missiles, submonition, disruption pod, automatic repair system
Hammerhead Gunship, smart missiles, submonition, disruption pod, automatic repair system
Aegis Defense Line, Icarus Lascannon
To start off this Tau Gamer was out of practice returning to the game after some year off and did he's best to put together an list that he thought could put some trouble on the table.
He thought wrong... The mighty Tau got out shoot by the Eldar..
But now let's not get ahead of ourselves...
Eldar view before deployment.
Tau view before any deployment.
Warlord traits were:
Tau nr4 (one use) cancel the negative effects of "Gone to ground".
Eldar Iyanden supplement nr5 +1 to deny the witch rolls for warlord.

Warlock with Guardians got nr5 to add 3" on run distance.
Kept this one to make guardians able to use there guns faster.
Warlock with Vaul's Wrath Support Battery got nr4 which i changed to primaris to get shroud.
Farseer rolled 5 on divination changed to primaris, 3 on Fate that i kept as a large blast 2+ to wound is nice and last roll the 1 on Fate was changed to primaris.
Warlocks failed 3/4 rolls but the one successful gave Guardians 3" extra run getting them the 9" run to blast the last stealth suits away.
Farseer succeeded on all psychic rolls boosting team ahead.
Eldar deployed first. Infiltrators put 6 Stealth suit in ruin at the back with fusion guns.

Tau deployed to answer Eldars start.

Turn 1 where Eldar advanced.
Turn 1 casualties:
4/6 Stealth Suits(2/2 fusions)
4/6 + 2/6 + 2/6 Pathfinders
2/3 Crisis missile suits
4/32 Fire Warriors

1 Ranger
1 Wave Serpent
3/6 Wounds on warlord Wraithknight
Turn 2 and game more or less over.

Turn 2 casualties:
2/2 stealth suits
1/1 Crisis suits
2/2 + 2/4 Pathfinders
20/28 Fire Warriors

2 more wounds on warlord
4/5 Dire Avengers
2 Glancing hits on Wave Serpent
At this time with very little force left:
8 Fire Warriors
2 Commanders
3 Crisis Suits
4 + 2 Pathfinders
2 Hammerheads

He didn't think he stood much chance to give me much more resistance and would probably be wiped on turn 3 so he gave up and gave me an comfortable win once again.

For me it just proved that Eldar is hard to stop but can be flanked by arriving reserves and so forth having Tau as allies isn't bad for that cause.

More lessons learned would be that Eldar is a force that can be summarized by the famous words "more then meets the eye" as pick your focus target carefully and don't just shoot at what's in front of you, its just a *big* diversion.

To end it i knew what i was up against probably more then my opponent so put me in some unfair advantage but i tried to tell him about he's option to give me an rewarding game worth playing as if i would just run him over it would have been an waste of time for me better spent elsewhere.

But on those 2 turns that got played all troops did what i wanted blasting everything and so it's hard to say if someone didn't do there job.

But lessons learned and update list and evolve my tactics for next fight.

More Batreps coming soon..

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