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Eldar vs Imperial Guard batrep 1850 points

Battle report Eldar vs Imperial Guard
1850 points built according swedish play(LBK mallen, 0 komp)
Basic list well balanced and not abusing any aspect just trying the difference synergis that exist in Eldar so hope to bring an story that not just myself have use for.
1 turn done for Eldar. Wave Serpents and Night Spinner brought the pain to Imperial Guard.

Started building a list to try different aspects of this new Eldar that has been brought to us all. Reading all info there is where people both praise and cry about all kinds of aspects but very few gave me the information i wanted and from what i know the only way to get the info isto go out and giveit all an test run.

So i built myself an list that gave me an chance to test what this new Eldar brings to the table.

Eldar 1850 points

Farseer + jetbike + Spear of Teuthlas
Autarch + Jetbike + Banshee Mask + Fusion Gun + shard of Anaris
Warlock Council (5) + Jetbike + Singing Spear
Rangers (5)
Guardian defenders(10) + Wave Serpent
Dire Avengers(7) + Wave Serpent
Windrider Jetbike Squad(3) + shuriken Cannon
Wraithguard(5) + Wave Serpent
Warp Spiders(5)
Wraithknight (Warlord)
Night Spinner
Total 1847 pts
(Wave Serpents all equiped with Twin linked Scatter Lasers and Shurikan Cannon)
Enemy view after my first turn.
Small run thrue of the game.

I got to start we played i simple game 3 objektives 3VP each and 1VP for each unit gone.

I deploy agressive could have been more but was little unsure how to facemy friend that so far has something like 8-0 winning streak on me.
My view after my first turn.
My number one concern was his dommsday str10 ap1 4shots a game bringer of doom and from the picture above you cant see it as it got blasted by my awsome Night Spinner with an direct hit and that was the game, more or less. Other then that 3 Wave Serpents did there job killing 2 transports and a 10 man troop inside one of them ran away screaming. Not so lucky with his HQ command that just got pinned but no orders from them on his turn atleast. Above that Night Spinner killed 2 mortars leaving 1 behind alive and put a glancing hit on the mortar tank, also the lone serpent on right flank put a glancing hit aswell as an weapon destroyed on the chimera on that flank.
After first turn he was put way behind with much hope left to the Valkyre crying to join the action and it did but not until turn 4 with some shooting on my Wraithguardians killing none and getting killed by 1 Wave Serpent the turn after turned into a good fireball raining down from the sky letting 3 unit survive from 10 and letting me kill them a moment later. Also thanks to Autarch who on turn 2 delayed the bird from joining the fight.

The end of turn 5 for me the Imperial Guard where all wiped out and Eldar had secured all objectives. Glorius win for Eldar... but what was my end score and how well did the Eldar host do...

Farseer 0/1
Did what i expected from him boosted me to an comfortable win getting killed from being to close to the Exterminator tank that Autarch blew up from close range, and getting some reckless CC wounds which from experience now he should not be there if possible.
Autarch 1/1
Stopped Vendetta from joining battle round 2, killed a tank turn 5, missed alot CC... all in all not impressed. Not points well spent.
Warlock Council 0/5
Got all good boost but to few so when missed both shroud and armor buff i where to agressive with them when i should have held back my misstake but other then that cant realy see a reason to use them.
Rangers 5/5
Infiltrated them with a good spot in middle seeing just about all and put some wounds so for points spent they did there job and secured there objective in the end, would not cry about use them some more.
Guardian Defenders 8/10
Unloaded when there Serpent got deep striked with 3 meltas from behind just shaving hull points from it and getting wrecked and when there time was up they got revenge real good, not to shabby though need to be close but can unload realy nice. 2 wounds and secured objective nothing bad here.
Dire Avengers 4/7
Unloaded before Serpent advanced on Exterminator killed of a few soldiers that tryed to assoult serpent with frags and then got jumped by Marbo but managed only to kill 3 and they got revenge aswell was not thathard to put him down. After that they got shoot at from Mortar but shrugged it and went and secured objective number 3.
Windrider Jetbike Squad 0/3
Died first turn by 1 mortar killing 2/3 and the last one turned and ran. Could have been more lucky but were just not there day.
Wraithguard 5/5
They jumped out turn 3 and shoot some and got shoot at killed some models nothing of importence so no real impact on the game should have deployed there serpent on left flank and switched with the Dire Avengers Serpent to get better use of them but learned my leason this time i hope.
Warp Spiders 0/5
Tryed them out as much as possible and not realy impressed as everyone is handing out new found love to this unit but maybe i should have Deep Striked them behind a tank to get better use of them or something they failed me atleast. Not a big fan of suicide units so not considered Deep Strike themfrom behind when not realy needed as rest of army brought the heat big time.
Wraithknight 1/1
I am a big fan of this model and is a good way to keep your opponent from killing your Warlord and that happen without much trouble not a single wound did he get as opponent never took a shoot at him as he was to busy trying not to die from my Serpents. Other then that i was way to careful with this one should have been much more aggressive but as i was not he did some guided shooting killed some random stuff but nothing more.
Night Spinner 1/1
This one won me the game scoring a indirect direct hit behind a LoS blocking wall and only reason he along with 2 other tanks hiding was the MVP Wave Serpent so real nice synergi there but real luck to kill that str 10 ap 1 barrage killer of doom as when i got explode on him it was game no more weapons could threaten me and it was just small speed bumps to get me to an complete wipe. All in all never leave home without one. He did not kill this ofcourse becouse the Serpents kill even better and let this one play safe.
Wave Serpents 2/3
So what to say here... best unit ever kills everything with armor 12 or or less the end... If you can get many atleast 3 maybe 4 that way they will keep enemy busy letting rest of army do what you want it to.. MVP...

End of game picture. Complete control with a test list, that is not to shabby.
So how to move forward from this... maybe an list like this would abuse this new force of Eldar.
3-4 Wave Serpents
1 Wraithknight with Scatter Laser and Sun Cannon
X Dire Avengers inside Serpent
1 Wraithguard with flamers and a cover save boosted Serpent this unit will take heat and by that let rest slip thrue
2 War Walkers with Bright Lances
1 Night Spinner
1 Farseer to boost units
1-2 Spiritseers
some protection for Farseer maybe Windrider Jetbike Squad to have him highly mobile.

More testing will be done with a more advanced list. But as far as i can tell... I realy enjoyed playing Eldar and hope this walkthrue can help both Eldar players as anyone going up against them..

have fun on the battlefield i sure will...

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