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Eldar vs Space Marine BatRep 1500 pts

Battle Report against the blue smurfs...

So once again the Eldar enters the battle field but this time something new has joined them which is there Battle brothers the mighty Tau, guess it's time to stick it to the Emperor for good and cleanse this dense structured planet from the all mighty Space Marines..
The Battle Field i had to conquer.
Eldar(Iyanden Supplement)/Tau list:
Eldar(Main Force)
1 Farseer, Jetbike, the Spirit Stone of Anath'lan.
1 The Avatar of Khaine, Crushing Blow, Fast Shot.
1 Warlock Council(joining Vaul's Wrath Support Battery).
5 Rangers.
5 Dire Avengers transported by:
1 Wave Serpent, Twin linked Scatter Laser, Shurikan Cannon, Holofield.
1 Wraithknight(Warlord).**Proxied by an flying base**
3 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery.
2 War Walkers, 2 Bright lances each.
1 Commander, Puretide Engram Neurochip, Multi Spector Sensor Suite, Command and Control Node.
6 Fire Warriors
1 Riptide, Ion Accelerator, Twin linked Fusion Blaster, Early Warning Override.
Total of 1499 pts


Space Marine(don't have complete list but from my memory this is what he played):
1 Chaplain, Jump pack, Digital weapons.(Warlord)
10 Tactical Squad, multi-melta.
10 Tactical Squad, multi-melta inside:
1 Rhino, hunter killer missile
6 Scouts, Missile launcher.
10 Assault Squad, thunder hammer, storm shield.
2 Attack bikes, multi-melta on both.
2 Land Speeders, 2 heavy bolters each.
1 Ironclad Dreadnought, Heavy flamer inside:
1 Droppod, Locator Beacon.
6 Devestator Squad, 2 Heavy bolters, 2 Plasma Cannons.

We decided to play it at 1500 pts with no rule limit other then what GW has written.
D3 heavy structures on each quarter of table mixing with 1 heavy, 1 medium + 1 Light or 3 light pieces per pieces rolled.
We ended up with a total roll of 8 pieces in total and before deployment we both got to place a medium sized piece when deployment zone was decided.
Deployment that was rolled for ended up as "Hammer and Anvil".

Once that was done Warlord traits rolled and Smurfs went with "Strategic" trait tree and rolled "2" and got to decide if we were going to have Night Fighting on first turn or not. Good roll for him and i got crappy +1 to deny the witch rolls from the Iyanden supplement trait for my Wraithknight Warlord.

Time to roll for Psychic powers and i roll on Runes of Fate and get "5" that i keep as Fortune is not to bad and then another role on same and get "1" and nothing i need so switch it to Primaris for the 24" twinlink weapons. last roll is done on Divination and get a "4" for Farseers unit to "Ignore Cover" which i switch for Primaris to get a second twinlink weapons but only 12" not that bad and got placed on my barrage team the whole game.
Time for Warlock to roll and get's a "1" which is a witchfire and a life giver to multi-wound models which i have plenty so instead of switching to Primaris which was the plan i keep on this one. After the game was over i never used this successfully as first i got 12 that i managed to save and then i failed on 9 and then no more wounds to heal for rest of game to hard things to hurt i guess as only Wraithknight took wounds but went to far away to heal as i failed first 2 tries on him.

Deploying Forces and we End up with him spreading and me sacrificing my Wave Serpent with no backup as he was boxed in with LoS blocking Terrain for something to come and kill it without to much trouble.
So the Smurfs open up on the poor Eldar.. and with a pefect droppod out of LoS to Riptide but behind Wave Serpent it was easy to melt it away and what was going to be an easy game popping most things in sight for serpent was starting to look bad.. was this the beginning to an end or would the Eldar rise from this and get revenge..
First round also scored a War Walker, 1 wound on Wraithknight, 1 ranger and 1 Dire Avenger.
First turn from Space Marines.

Time for Eldar and Tau to join forces and avenge there fallen Battle Brothers..
Psychic powers all goes off from Farseer but Warlock fail with a 12 that gets saved from the 4+ invulnerable save.
Time to dedicate parts of Army to handle the Dreadnought threat and some part to advance and take the fight to the Emperors children and my decision falls to let Riptide clean up fast threats with ignore cover and put Wraithknight right up in the middle to let the smurfs shoot at my biggest thing on the table while the rest of the army walks behind in he's shadow(a figure of speech at this time) and I'll leave it to the almighty GOD of Eldar... The AVATAR to handle the threat in the corner.
End of turn 1 I've killed off 1 scout, 1 plasma cannon Devestator, 1 Attack bike, 1 Land Speeder and weapon destroyed(Missile) and vehicle stunned on rhino.
Wraithknight moving up in the middle.
Turn 2 for Space Marine and with not so bad turn of shooting the game is all in the hands of the Smurfs and they start to ripping into there opponents as hard as they can. Start of dropping in the Assault Marines by the droppod and locater beacon keeping them from scattering but thank god they can't assault. Dreadnought decide he want to try he's luck on a GOD.. will he survive or be melted away.. to be continued..
Marines open up and score some kills in 3 Fire Warriors, 1 Ranger, 1 Dire Avenger and another wound placed on Wraithknight.
Ironclad Dreanought thinks he can handle a GOD..
Farseer hit's with all psychic powers and Warlock fails another roll, story of he's life apparently. So what can we do about a nicely bunched up group of marines who shouldn't be here at all, well first issue is that riptide doesn't have LoS so it falls to the Artillery to do there best killing 3 so i can keep sending Wraithknight up the middle engaging the Tactical Marines waiting for him killing 5 in first round combat and not letting them run from him. The solo War Walker who survived last turn with 1 HP left wrecks the Rhino forcing the Tacticals inside to disembark behind and will force them to run threw terrain for the next 2-3 turn at least. Riptide takes out the last Land Speeder. Avatar still locked in combat but having 1 HP taken from Dreadnought is a good start.
Avatar still standing while Dreadnought got 1 less HP to brag about.
Marines is not going that smooth and thinking of what needs to be done to fix this.
Assault Marines go and blast the last Dire Avengers from this planet while the Chaplain separates from them and goes after the Rest of my troops. Then in Assault phase the Avatar smashes the dreadnought to pieces and consolidate towards the Chaplain and the smurfs realize there mistake the Chaplain is going to be eaten alive by a god.. oh my.. while 3 Tactical marines stand firm against the mighty Wraithknight no wounds in that battle which was not good for me.
Avatar move towards the Smurf Warlord.. hungry for more carnage..
  And so the tide wash over the Smurfs and more or less end the game removing the last real threat.. Avatar successfully engage the Chaplain doming him to die very soon. Wraithknight decides he don't want to play with the Tactical marines anymore and smash them to pieces and then decides those Scouts look tasty consolidates towards them. War Walker that barely dodged the multi-melta from the Attack bike decides that he should'nt survive any longer alot thanks to Farseer hitting all twinlink cast but failing to give the Avatar the reroll to saves. Vaul's Wrath support Battery send the fire rain onto the marines trying to get an objective from the wrecked Rhino killing 3 and getting them to roll for 25% troops lost, failing the roll and legging it away. The MVP shot coming from the Riptide that whole game managed to boost that Reactor of he's so perfect Large Blast onto Assault Marines with 2 hits from the double Fusion blaster landing him 8+2 hits and 7+2 wound which wipes that unit and only droppod left on my side of the table.
4 scouts, 5 Devestators and 7 Tactical Marines left to kill.
Marines open up on Wraithknight trying to do something good this game and scores 2 wounds putting him at 2 wounds left.. will they get him.. have i gone to aggressive with him.. but after that nothing more for happens on marines turn..

My time to cut the rest of those pesky smurfs down so Avatar tells Chaplain to jump into he's mouth as he's tired of playing with him and then consolidates to take out the droppod. Wraithknight moves in to take care off Scouts killing only 2 of those 4 left and they try to kill him with those frag grenades but fail to take a single wound on him. Riptide kills 3 Devestators on middle floor while the Artillery takes care of the Sergeant making the last one fail leadership test by 1 point.
Avatar still not satisfied from the Chaplain meal. he want's more..
Scouts fail to wound Wraithknight, droppod couldn't kill the War Walker and then we move over to my turn.

Farseer fails 2/3 Psychic but doesn't take any wounds.
Riptide fails to one shot the smurfs that decide they want to dance instead of fight before they die so standing grouped up is "the new black" apparently so that task went to the Artillery which makes short order of the Flower power smurfs deciding make love not war is something they think is better at the moment.
Wraithknight smashes the scouts to pieces and Avatar melts the droppod easily.

And that is a wrap. Marines all killed and smashed into pieces and they even had time to celebrate and honor the Emperor before meeting there maker.
At the End the Marines ceased to exist. like they never was.

So another glorious win still by just trying out new configurations on how to play Eldar.

So battle breakdown killpoints:
War Walker killing 95 pts(-45pts)
Wraithknight killing 290 pts(+50pts)
Riptide killing 383 pts(+58/+193pts) including the commander as he was only used to boost the riptide this fight.
Vaul's Wrath Support Battery 364 pts(+239)
Avatar 315 pts(+100pts)
Wave Serpent 0 pts(-135pts)

Unit by unit breakdown on how they did and how many and/or how much of them survived the battle:
1/1 Farseer
Did what i expected from him rolling those psychics like a king boosting me to an solid victory.
1/1 The Avatar of Khaine
I'm a bit torn on this one as he did a very nice job which i was'nt expecting him to do, he really smashed that one Dreadnought and Chaplain without taking a single wound.. Expensive unit but so is the Wraithknight.. Maybe it's truly worth considering this fellow for a solid home court guard...
1/1 Warlock Council
failed all psychics i tried with him and then just stood there for rest of battle.. not sure on this one might be good to put points elsewhere depending on how high of threat he will be boosting for 35 pts.
3/5 Rangers
Shoot some, Survived and secured objective.. what more can you expect from 60 pts..
0/5 Dire Avengers
There transport got smashed and then they were overrun, couldn't do much about staying alive but drew some fire onto them that could have been put elsewhere.. good job.. RIP..
0/1 Wave Serpent
My opponent was afraid of this one and by all rights which is why he went for it when i left it alone in the open and it never got to do anything useful.. still there was an reason the Dreadnought went all out on this one..
1/1 Wraithknight
Was feeling hungry for Marines this time not much more to eat so he made up he's points this time and was a good magnet but lacked good targets to handle so wiped some troops. End of game had 2/6 wounds left which means he stopped plenty more from descending onto the others.
3+6(guardians)/3+6 Vaul's Wrath Support Battery
No where near a threat list which made it easy for these guys to smash the marines and triple there own points and that is something to really consider how to abuse for next game.
1/2 War Walkers
Got hit hard in the start but managed to stick threw and took some potshots after.. not sure on these glascannons to easy to kill and with so few vehicles they are high risk/ high reward possible unit but if you get to close they can easily be taken away. twin link from Farseer and these can really bring the pain..
1/1 Commander
Perfect boost guy to just put him where u need him and he'll make sure you hit and hurt them bad.
But don't forget to tell opponent that your using the Puretide Engram Neurochip and what part of the boost you want, I just forgot it and hit myself in the shooting phase each time i remembered i should have used it.
1/6 Fire Warriors
Shoot some, a few inches away from securing objective but most important stayed alive... not to shabby..
1/1 Riptide
Omg he killed everything tonight except that last shoot on the praying marines he hit with everything tonight.. MVP.. would have been better if i remembered to use Puretide chip and place units better within LoS so i could have used that intercept on him.. but oh man did he kill lots when he started shooting.. i sure will be using this one more...

So another good fight with tons of information to go threw to establish an new list based upon the last 2 fights and what i have learned from them.. hope to get an all out fight to settle it once and for all who's the King of the hill.. GAME ON!!

Happy Hunting hope to bring more action soon to anyone enjoying these Batreps and feel free to comment..


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